My Feet: How to Relieve Foot Pain from Sexy High Heels

High heels are so glamorous and seeing celebrities glide effortlessly down the red carpet makes walking in them look so easy. But every woman knows, it’s not that simple! Skip the foots pain and the blisters following these easy tips!


Relieve foot pain before you even put on your high heels! Select a pair of shoes that isn’t going to ruin your night. Don’t be too ambitious with your choices though. A pair of sky-high stilettos may look hot but chances are you’ll be barefoot by the end of the night. Choose a pair of heels that has a rounded toe rather than a pointed toe. This shape more closely mimics how your foot is actually shaped. Next choose a pair of heels that has a platform under the ball of your foot. This shape lessens the steepness of the arch and provides a bit of relief. It allows you to wear heels that are a bit higher while ensuring comfort. Also select a pair of shoes with a thicker heel.  A thicker heel allows you to distribute your weight over moreHigh heels causing foot problems surface area than a skinny heel. And lastly, select a shoe in your size. “Close enough” is not gonna do you any favors. Whether a shoe a little too big or a little too small, it’s bound to cause some serious pain.


There’s nothing tackier than a woman carrying her heels and walking barefoot through the club so try to maximize your comfort while you’re wearing your heels. The most obvious method for comfort while you’re wearing your heels is to take breaks. Don’t try to stand for 8 straight hours. Give your feet a rest and sit down once in a while. If that’s not enough, try inserting gel insoles (available at drugstores) to cushion your feet and add a little extra support. If blisters are your biggest issue try using moleskin, an adhesive fabric that will protect sensitive spots on your feet from blistering.


The day after you wear high heels you may still be suffering. Do some stretching and yoga to return the muscles in your feet to mint condition. Stretch your feet and ankles to relax them. Also, treat yourself to a mineral foot bath. Place some Epsom salt in warm water, soak and feel better in no time! It’s also very important to keep your feet moisturized. Pay extra attention to the balls of your feet because this spot takes the hardest beating. Lastly, take a break. Don’t put your high heels on again the next day! Stick to comfy sneakers or flat flip flops to give your feet some time to recover.

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