How do you Know if Someone is Using you for Citizenship?

Not all relationships are real? In some, your partner could just be using you for citizenship? How do I know that? And why does somebody do that? Instead of making up your interpretation, this article will tell you all the signs that you need to know if someone is using you for citizenship.

Why Does Someone Do This?

The reason why someone would use you for citizenship is that they want to stay in the U.S. They may be running from something or someone in their country. Not everyone can become a citizen – even if they are related to someone. To get citizenship, the relationship should be close. 

Only immediate family members can use the citizenship of a relative to gain citizenship. Immediate family members include husbands and wives, children, and in some cases, parents and siblings.

Does Your Partner Never Have Anything Negative to Say?

No relationship is perfect. Communication is valid in all relationships. So, couples have to tell each other if there is something about one another’s personality or manners that they dislike. The first clue that someone is using you for citizenship is if they never have anything bad to say about you. They like you. A little too much. 

The reason why they avoid saying anything bad about you is that they think that terminates their free card. As wonderful as it is to never end up in a fight, it is not a healthy relationship. Test them. Ask them questions about any of your quirks. The more they compliment you that is the ultimate sign that they are using you as citizenship.

Do They Always Agree?

Couples disagree. That’s how a relationship works. Relationships are fun, but they are also messy. It’s the time where you can work on trust skills. If you are in a relationship with someone who always agrees with you and goes along with whatever you want to do, that causes some heads to turn.

You want them to disagree with you. One reason why couples ask one another about their take is to see if they have a different opinion. A fight may occur, but disagreeing leads to new thinking assets. If your partner agrees with you on everything that you say and even accepts going places that are not of their interest, they are not being honest with you.

So Many Lies

Honesty is valid in any relationship. Have you noticed whenever you talk to them their story always changes? You have a problem if you are in a relationship with someone who lies. Now they are trying to get inside your mind. First and foremost, do not let anybody do this to you.

Lying leads you down the wrong road. We have all lied at one point in our life, but we should not set our lives around lying. 

Setting Conditions

Don’t buy sayings like, “I will only marry you if you live in the U.S.’ That is the first clue that they are only using you for citizenship. If they wanted to marry you or be in a relationship then they wouldn’t care where they lived. 

This is where you have to be aggressive. Letting someone control you is not healthy. You are free to do what you want instead of being forced into these unreasonable conditions. Relationships are supposed to be fun. You’ll know if someone is using you for citizenship if they try to get inside your mind with these conditions.

Damaging Other Relationships

Your relationships with friends and family should not be a problem when you are in a romantic relationship. When someone is using you for citizenship, they want you all to themselves. So they do whatever they can to get rid of your family and close friends. 

If this relationship was real, they would not care about your other friendships. They’d make an effort to get to know your friends and family. Manipulation is not okay. Never fall for it. Keep your relationships and don’t fall for any of their tricks to get inside your head.

Aside from your relationship with your friends and family, their family or friends may resent you. If their family does that to you, don’t go any further in the relationship. It is not worth it.

Do They Care About Your Life?

Normally in a relationship, both members of the couple make an effort to get to know all the facts about one another. If the level of appeal and interest is unbalanced in your favor, or they avoid meaningful conversations, that is a red flag. 

Notice how they don’t want to spend time with your family. They want to spend all their time with you knowing that a family member or one of your friends could catch on to their plan.

A Lot of Knowledge about U.S. Immigration

Couples have a lot to say in the process of getting to know each other. Does your partner know a little too much about U.S. immigration? Here’s something you should know. Their background in U.S. migration is only a mere factor. It’s a topic to be discussed, but not in every single conversation that you have.

Heads up, listen if he brings up the subject regarding the 1-30 form or affidavit of support. If that comes up a little too soon in the relationship, you should not pursue this relationship any further. 

Hurts Your Self-Confidence

You should never doubt yourself. Never let anyone control your thoughts. Someone who uses you for citizenship will do anything to get inside your head to make this relationship last forever. They will make you feel like you are wrong and weak.

In a flipped scenario, you feel like you need the citizenship user when in reality it is you that they need. As soon as they make false claims about you, it’s a good idea not to stick around. That hurts your self-confidence. 

Don’t Do The Normal Things in Relationship

Couples like to go out and spend time with one another. If your partner does not want anything to do with you and makes up hundreds of excuses there is no reason that you should pursue this relationship any further. 

Are They Scamming you for Money?

Are you always paying whenever you go out? Do they take money from your wallet? Those who are using you for citizenship lead you on. Hold onto your wallet. They only want to get as much money as they can out of you. 

If your partner tells you that they are not financially stable, that is the ultimate sign that you need to run. Money problems would not be the only discussion that you have. 

Want to Get Married Very Fast

Did you just meet this person and already, like a month into the relationship, they ask if you want to get married? Then again, you both come from different cultures. In a relationship, couples should move at a pace at which they are both comfortable. 

Pressuring someone to get married is not okay, especially when knowing nothing about them yet. Those who have been used will note that they were told, “I loved you as I have never loved anyone before,” very quickly. And then after did they talk about spending a life together after just a few weeks?

How Many Times Have They Tried to get to the U.S?

Technology has expanded over the years. Now people have the advantage to meet online. But that is not always a good thing. Online dating is not the best for relationships because it doesn’t allow each couple to be honest. Those who are using you for citizenship lie on how many times they have tried to get to the U.S.

If your partner has a long history of trying to get into the U.S. that means they have done this countless times before. That’s a sign of their true intentions. Remind yourself to ask questions and go along with your gut about how to pursue this relationship.

Can Their Citizenship be Revoked?

Yes, citizenship can be revoked. Once given, citizenship is durable and cannot be denied for subsequent misdeeds. Acclimated citizens cannot misplace their citizenship save for rare cases and limited circumstances. Citizenship is revoked within 5 years of naturalization in the U.S. government who processes you to join a subversive group.

Take a Goof Look into His Eyes

What he truly thinks about you is all there in his eyes. Does he have any lust or desire for you? Falling for that is not okay, and it can really damage one’s self-consciousness. 

You don’t have to report the person who is using you. But if they do anything like steal money or anything threatening, that’s when you should report it to the police. Be on the lookout for all these signs that we mentioned. Relationships are meant to be serious not fun and games.