The Normal Size of a Male’s Junk is… According to Science

The human reproductive system is one of the most discussed topics in the world today, due to its complexity. The male penis, on the other hand is one part of the body that has been constantly discussed, including the girth and length. Women can’t stop talking about how their men pleasures them down there with their big sizes. Along the way, it has gathered so many nicknames that sometimes, it’s hard to really to keep up and understand what’s being  said. 

It’s no news that many guys lament over the small sizes of their “tool” down there. With the general perception that bigger penises are the real deal, those who have small penises on the other end, are left to wallow in bitterness, feel ashamed of doing it with their partner, and even consider themselves inferior. 

Most guys will go the extra length of comparing the sizes of their penis among themselves, just to know who’s bigger, and then, brag about it to the detriment of others who consider theirs small or not equal. This debate has taken its toll on others who have been body shamed and even pushed to searching for enhancement pills to get their sizes increased. However, a new report, based on research has given these men a reason to live and feel perfectly normal about their penises, irrespective of size. 

To end this general perception, some British researchers created a graph to show the sizes of penises, according to age and race, based on 15,521 men they researched about. These graphs can also help doctors treat male patients who suffer from a mental illness known as Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD). 

Average length of a penis

Average size of a penis

Doctors have also come out to reassure these men that they are perfectly normal and have no reason to fret about their sizes. This graph has helped a lot of men realize that what they are thinking isn’t what they should be really thinking. In other words, most short men believe that the size of their erect penises is in correlation with their height, which isn’t. There is also the general belief that the size of a man’s shoe tells a lot about the size of his manhood. There is no such thing as far as science is concerned. The graph has proven that such correlation is non-existent. 

Dr. David Veale, a Psychiatrist and Psychologist from the Institute of Psychiatry, Psychology, and Neuroscience said that the reason for this study was because of a lot of men were “penis shamed”. He said that men compare themselves in locker rooms to some guys they see in pornographic videos on the internet and feel they are inferior. Hence, they become worried. 

A medical director at South London and Maudsley NHS Foundation Trust, Dr. Martin Baggaley further dissected how this BDD affect the males and why the graph came up to prove certain things wrong and others right. 

Body Dysmorphic Disorder (BDD) causes a person to feel depressed about their appearance when they look in the mirror. They spend quality time, worrying about a lot of things, including the size of their junks”.

He further stated that a person with BDD may spend a lot of time in the mirror to the extent that he begins to avoid looking in the mirror totally. He perceives himself as inferior when among his fellow friends or in social gatherings. 

Dr. Veale stated that this perception may become a cognitive part of such a man and may be dealing with something related to his psychology. All in all, he said that such a man needs something more than just looking at a size distribution graph to be cured. He needs help and that help is receiving Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) and possibly, a medication. 

According to a New York psychiatrist, Dr. Madeleine Castellanos, men who have a smaller penis size tend to be more confident in making love to their partners compared to those who have bigger penises

“These men find different positions that actually stimulates them more than some men who have bigger penises,” she said. 

This then, brings us to what researchers have concluded. According to researchers, the average length of a flaccid penis is 3.6 inches, while that of an erect penis is 5.2 inches long. That’s just the average. Yours can be longer than that anyway. You should also note that not all erections are the same. Some men reach a higher level of erection when they engage in intercourse than those who do just foreplay, including masturbation. 

When it comes to girth or size, the average for a flaccid penis is 3.7 inches, while an erect one is 4.6 inches wide. However, the average length and girth differs from one country to another. For example, the average size of a penis in countries like France is 6.2 inches. Italy is 5.9 inches, Germany is 5.6 inches. Countries in South America have a fairly good average size as well. Chile and Columbia pose an average size of 5.5 inches and 5.4 inches respectively. Asian countries like Saudi Arabia, South Korea and India pose the lowest average size with 4 inches, 3.7 inches and 4.8 inches respectively. So by statistics, it’s pretty normal to have a small junk in some of these countries. Which means that you don’t have to go complaining that you are small should you engage in self comparison with other guys from other parts of the planet. 

There is absolutely no need to feel timid and ashamed about the size of your junk. And for those who think that size and girth is everything, no need body shaming your fellow man because he looks small down there. You don’t have to be large to satisfy your partner against the beliefs of many women who think otherwise. The facts and statistics are here to show you. If your size fall within the normal range as portrayed by the graph, there is no need for concerns. So embrace yourself and be proud of who you are. However, do ensure you go for medical checkups once in a while. What’s more important in enjoying sex is the understanding between both partners and not necessarily the anatomy of his penis.