What Does a Big Penis Feel Like to a Woman?

There is a great deal of difference with every sexual experience and every partner, and one of the questions many women have about penises is what a big one feels like. And the answer is that it is incredibly variant by both the man and the woman, and many different variables in between. So let’s break it down:

  • Depends on the female. Some women are size queens and only like men with big penises, while other women simply find it painful and unpleasant to be with someone well endowed. The average female’s vaginal opening can extend to an average of seven inches, so anything more entering can range from extremely titillating to extremely uncomfortable. In some cases it may well end up hitting a woman’s cervix, which proves to often be uncomfortable. So it really just depends on the woman, though please always note that if it hurts, don’t be afraid to tell him to stop or to be more gentle.
  • Depends on the penis. What qualifies as a large penis changes by person. Some people qualify it by the length (7+ inches), others by girth (1.5+ inches), and others by both. The feeling then changes depending on the definition, where a thick penis will feel much more full, while a long one will feel more penetrating.
  • Can’t always get clitoral stimulation. When being with a man who is well-endowed, the sensation of hip grinding may not be as present as it is with a smaller penis. Since a majority of women get off by clitoral stimulation, there may need to be some extra attention paid.
  • Bragging rights. Both for you and the guy, most of the time you will be able to brag about how his penis is bigger than other guys’. You can brag to your girlfriends about it and let them feel jealous over your man being so well-endowed.
  • Option to be more experimental. With a large penis, various experiences are a bit more possible than those with smaller. In certain positions with guys who have average or below-average penises, they may slip out or not be able to feel as much stimulation. With larger guys, that doesn’t happen as much.
  • Condoms. A lot of men say that they wear large condoms, or make jokes about not being able to find ones that fit, safe sex is nothing to joke about. A man needs to be sure that he is wearing the correct size so that a condom doesn’t slip off or is ill-fitting to be as safe as possible. If he says he can’t find condoms that fit, don’t just believe him as there are condoms for every size. And if he claims that he can’t get off if wearing a condom, show him the door.

All in all, be sure that you are safe above all else. But don’t forget to have fun, and experimenting with different guys (of all different sizes) can be a lot of fun for girls. Just be sure to protect yourself and don’t be afraid to speak up and tell him what you want.