How To Have Sex In Your Childhood Bedroom And Get Away With It

At times, what makes sex fun is not the outright act. Rather it’s the drama and adventure attached to it. Frankly, sticking your “John” into a honey pot can give you a couple of minutes of excitement, but if you spice it up with a little adventure like visiting your childhood bedroom after countless years, it’s going to resurrect more pleasant memories.

In this article, I’ll be taking you down the valley of adventure as I share with you my little secret to spice up your sex life with only one act. Yea, just one act of having sex in your childhood bedroom without being caught. Are you ready to get naughty?

#1. Plan For A Reunion

There chances that after all these years, you no longer live in your childhood neighborhood. If that’s the case, you also no longer have access to your childhood bedroom, except if your parents or grannies still live in the house.

Your best shot of sneaking your lover into that memorable room would be to attend a reunion or similar event that will justify, not just going home, but also going with someone.

So, you’ve got to put your ears on the ground for a neighborhood reunion, family reunion, or some stuff.

#2. If There Is No Reunion, Create One

I understand that reunions may require some months to be planned. Besides, not everyone would want to show up. If that’s the case, you’d have to be your own reunion planner.

Yes. Call your grannies or parents, and tell them how much you miss them and how you long to see them once more.

Voila! You’ve got the ball rolling, and they’ll begin to anticipate you. Fix a date and get ready to meet the old guys.

#3. Look For A Lady You Shared Childhood Memories With 

To have the most fun, you should certainly go through memory archives and get in touch with any of your childhood friends. I think you need a lady who will jointly reminiscent of the nostalgic feeling your childhood bedroom will give.

#4. If There Is No Childhood Friend, Any Other Girl Will Pass

That’s right. The goal is to have sex in your childhood bedroom, and it doesn’t matter who you do it with. If you can’t find anyone from your childhood neighborhood, then pick any girl at all that will agree to go to the reunion with you.

It could be your girlfriend, spouse, or just any girl you care to have a fling with.

#5. Make the Visit, Ensure You Go with Some Gifts

If you don’t want to be stoned away like an irresponsible young man, then you shouldn’t visit the neighborhood without a gift. A bottle of good old wine will get everyone in high spirits as they welcome you.

More so, food items, jewelry, and also flowers would do. If there is anyone occupying your childhood bedroom already, you’ve got to get something for them also.

Consider it as a bribe or rent to use the room without some angry fist banging on the door to open up, as you bang your girl.

#6. Introduce Your Girl to Those Deserving

Now you’re in your childhood house; you should totally let your granny, parents, or anyone who’s occupying the house know that the lady you came back with is someone special to you.

Just say anything nice about her, and you can even introduce her as a girlfriend if it’s going to be cool with them.

#7. Take Her on A House Tour, Straight to Your Childhood Bedroom

As a courteous man, take her around the house. Show her where you did all you little silly stuff as a kid. From the kitchen to the balcony, show her everything in building up for a good sex romp.

Another reason for doing this is to get everyone convinced you’re not about to bang her hard. Finally, take her to your childhood bedroom, and don’t forget to close the door behind you. Please bolt it.

#8. Get Her in The Mood

One of the best ways to do this is to tell her stories of all the craziest things you’ve done in the room. Of course, she should have known you have plans of making love with her there, but help her emotions and get her ready to receive it hot from you.

If you were in the habit of wanking as a kid, tell her about it and also point the favorite position of the room you stay doing it. Ensure she is enjoying the story; else, you’ll successfully make her bored.

#9. Let the Game of Seduction Begin

Am I going to teach you how to seduce her as well? Hell no.

Alright, I’m kidding. But for real, get her in the mood through kisses, touches, etc. But in all you do, don’t pull off your clothes completely, because someone’s going to knock soon. 

And if you take five minutes to open up, then you’ve acted suspiciously. The news will go out that you made out with a girl in your childhood bedroom.

So do your stuff smartly in anticipation of a disturbance. Bang her gently, not in a rough manner. Else, the house will begin to shake, and you’d have alert every one of your escapade.

If possible, turn on a little music that will drown the soft moans. Don’t make it too loud. Else you’ll make many folks suspicious. Lastly, ensure the windows are closed.

#10. It Is A Quickie and Not A Honeymoon

I don’t expect you to spend 30 minutes to one hour in bed. You should do your stuff so fast before anyone comes looking for you. It’s a quickie.

As soon you blast your load, clean up, pull up your pants, and end the adventure.

#11. Leave the Bedroom, Join the Others Naturally

You guys should exist your sex room together, or one after the other. Make it look natural as though nothing happened. Please don’t exchange glances that will make people suspicious of what happened.

Just be as natural as possible as you blend back with everyone. Now your goal is actualized, you can still tag around in the neighborhood or go back to where you came from.