How to Hide Fupa in High Waisted Jeans

Are you not sure what a Fupa is when you read the title of this article? Most people are not aware of this word. Fupa is a slang term for excess fat surrounding the area between the hips and above the pubic bone. Don’t worry, it’s natural. But if you want to hide it, here’s what you have to do while wearing high-waisted jeans. 

How to Hide Fupa in High Waisted Jeans

Choosing the right pair of jeans is difficult when choosing ones that will hide a fupa. If you feel self-conscious about your stomach here are options that work. There are several tips to try out to look comfortable in a pair of jeans. 

  1. Tips on How to Choose
  • Pick a pair that fit
  • Mid or high-rise
  • Reaches the ankle
  1. Try on as Many Pairs

Choosing jeans or any type of clothes is not an easy process. That’s why you should try on as many pairs before you find the Cinderella pair. Take a look at jeans that are straight, slim, or skinny. Avoid anything loose. It makes your stomach look bigger. 

Find a size that feels comfortable on you. Before making your decision, always try each size. You never know which pair fits best. It’s important to feel comfortable and confident with whatever you wear.

  • Choose Pants that are Mid-Rise or High-Rise

Mid-rise and high-rise are the best pants to cover your belly. Another great part about these pants is that they provide a flattering shape to your stomach. Low-rise jeans are not the best. They don’t cover your belly and cause a muffin-top which we will get into later. 

  1. Choosing the Right Color

If you feel uncomfortable about your belly, choose dark-wash or black jeans. See what color you prefer. They are the best choice. They don’t draw attention to your stomach. Other colors to try are dark navy, charcoal, dark grey, and black jeans. Avoid any color that’s white or light-wash. These colors immediately draw attention.

  1. Picking Jeans that End at Your Ankle

Jeans come in a diversity of varying lengths. It all depends on how long your legs are. Try on as many pairs of different lengths in your preferred size. Finding a pair of jeans that brushes your ankles are the best to walk around in. Jeans that are too short are not what you should get. 

  • TIP: Do the jeans bunch up at the ankle? If they do, that means they are too long. And they also make your shape look rounded. Get jeans that are the correct length to help streamline the look.
  1. Get Jeans with a Zipper and Pockets

Pick a pair of jeans that are plain and simple. That means that they should have a zipper and pockets. Zippers and pockets are important. Because of the design, they draw people away from looking at that area. You look more focused on how well the jeans fit you.

While all high waisted jeans should have zippers and buttons, avoid getting jeans that have a long row of buttons along the zipper line. It adds more bulk to your stomach. Not to mention, it is uncomfortable. 

What to Wear if You Have a FUPA?

Many women tend to worry about their belly areas and how they will stand out. The best advice that every woman should know is that we all come in different shapes and sizes. Don’t hide who you are. High waisted jeans are a great idea. Loose clothing is your best bet. 

  1. Loose Clothing vs. Tight Clothing

Tight clothing is not the best option. We are all self-conscious about what wearing loose clothing could do to our figure. In tight clothes, you can’t bend well. So, choose loose clothing over tight clothing. Tight clothes bring out the imperfections of your shape. Wear layers with elements of the same color to highlight the waist and hips. 

  1. Clothes with Vertical Shapes

It is highly suggested that you wear clothes that are vertically shaped with high waisted jeans. Vertical ornaments, patterns, and stripes make you appear taller. Plus, more fit. Think of the width of the stripes and frequency. Stripes that are too wide make you look bigger. Choose clothes with narrow and frequent stripes.

  1. Highlight Other Parts of Your Body

Don’t let people pay any attention to your belly. Instead, switch attention from your belly and highlight another part of your body. Be careful with what you do. Make sure that it is appropriate. And make sure that you are comfortable with doing so. 

  • Examples for the Chest Area

Some examples of clothes that won’t reveal deep cleavage are black dresses, classic pants, blouses, and pencil skirts.

  • Show Off Your Legs

It’s time that you show off those legs. Make that your standout. Again, as we mentioned with cleavage, wear something appropriate. Don’t go out and wear little skirts that are so small that people can easily look up it. Instead, wear a skirt or a dress but wear something higher than the knee. And put on some leggings.

  1. Wear a One-Color Blouse/Shirt

One-color blouses and shirts are a great option for a night out if you pick the right patterns. And it is also a nice option for work. Another tip to help make that one-color blouse/shirt look standout is to wear loose tops and tunics. 

Wearing a loose piece of clothing on the top is an excellent choice for people who don’t want to reveal their belly. Don’t go overboard. You should not wear clothing that is two sizes too big. Most often, people make this mistake and don’t feel comfortable once they get to their destination.

  • TIP: Wear Jackets/Blazers/Sweaters

Outerwear finishes the look of the outfit. Get a jacket or a sweater. Cardigans are amazing pieces of clothing. They are a universal piece of clothing. Cardigans go well with pants, jeans, skirts, and dresses. It will create a vertical line that will straighten your body. And knitted cardigans are a great option. Avoid cardigans with big pockets as they only make your belly look bigger. 

  1. Skirts are IN

Yes, skirts are in! So, start wearing more skirts. There is nothing wrong with wearing one. You don’t just have to wear a skirt when you go out for a night on the town. Pencil skirts made of thick fabric or dark colors look amazing. Skirts that are slightly flared can be an alternative to a pencil skin. Get bright colors when choosing a skirt that you like. But make it a high rise. 

How Do You Cover a Muffin Top with High Waisted Jeans?

Here is where we will explain a muffin top. Muffin tops are rolls of fat around the waistband. Anybody can develop one. To those who are self-conscious, here’s how to hide a muffin top with these articles of clothing.

  1. Shirts and Blouses

Wear tops that are loose and avoid tight tops. Fitted tops that hug the midsection are not the right shirts for muffin tops to wear. Depending on what kind of top you want to wear, choose a peplum to bring out a feminine silhouette.

  1. Add Layers

Add layers to the look by wearing a vest or jacket. Make sure that the weather allows you to do this. These added layers disguise weight by concealing extra belly fat by a muffin top.

  1. Wear Darker Colors

Darker colors make you look slimmer. Many people have said that wearing black makes you look skinny. Other than black here are more dark colors that you should look into. Navy blue, dark, gray, and dark green make a great appearance.

  1. High Waist or Midrise Jeans

These types of pants cover the stomach. Avoid wearing low-rise jeans because they won’t do their job well. If you wear these pants, have a top that is long and loose enough.

  1. Look into Shirt Dresses

Shirt dresses are totally in. Look into styles that you never thought about before. Shirt dresses conceal your curves. There’s no ruching or cinching, but instead, they are very loose and roomy. Shirt dresses are great at hiding muffin tops because they skim the body and hide your belly

Which Body Type Looks good in High Waisted Jeans?

Say this right now. Love your body. We all have different bodies. Body shaming is not okay. But to those who would like to know what body types go with high waisted jeans, here is the list as followed. 

  • Petite: High-waisted jeans give you a petite size in a tall form. All women of petite sizes should check out these pants.
  • Tall: High Waisted jeans look spectacular on tall women
  • Curvy: Stretchy materials are best for those with curvy figures. The waistband fits your body
  • Apply: For those whose weight gravitate toward the midsection, high waisted jeans avoid a muffin top and gives you a better lower rise
  • Hourglass: Straight, flare, or skinny cuts hug you in all the right places and help to define your shape.