How to Tell Your Crush You Like Them on Snapchat

It’s that moment you have been waiting for. You are going to tell your crush that you like them. Hold on, how do I do that? Nervous? Don’t be. Follow these important steps on how to tell your crush you like them on Snapchat.

How do I Tell My Crush I Like Them on Snapchat

Arguably, telling your crush that you like them over social media is easier than face to face. If you don’t believe us, read into this article. 

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Get crafty in your approach on Snapchat. I mean, look at Snapchat. It’s a creative social media platform. Think up ideas on how to tell your crush that you like them. Come up with your own story, pictures, and then send it to them.

What Should I Snapchat my Crush?

  • Send a Snapchat Story Just For Them

If you don’t know how Snapchat works, it’s time to learn. Instead of sending a simple text message, come up with a short story, or send them multiple snaps. It’s your choice. But whatever your idea is, make sure that it is suitable. The last thing you want to do is scare your crush away. 

  • A Picture of You (A.KA a selfie)

A picture of you says a lot. Selfies are a great way to communicate with friends. That also goes for the person that you like. If you want to grab their attention, don’t just send a boring selfie. 

Go all out. Go for quirky. Get their attention. For better success, remember to also add a caption. This sparks your crushes their interest and makes them focus on what you sent.

Again, be careful about what you send to them. By choosing your Snapchat message carefully, your crush will respond.

  • Work with Creative Devices

Snapchat has multiple creative devices. Once you get a Snapchat, understand how it works – along with the tools. There are a variety of tools that change the layout, lighting the picture, and it even changes your voice. Avoid sending that boring snap and decorate it. 

  • Respond to Their Stories

Sending a message to your crush cannot be out of the blue. On Snapchat, you can look at other people’s stories. It’s a great way of interacting and seeing what everyone is up to. Before you make the first contact, respond to a few of their stories. 

  • Send a Joke

Send a Snapchat that has a joke. If they respond by asking what the punchline is, that is a good sign. If they are also a funny person who likes to joke around, it’s a great way to get to know them. You’ll be more comfortable talking to them. 

Mind what people find funny. Not everybody finds the same topics humorous. Always consider what you Snapchat to your crush.

  • Don’t Send Constant Messages

Sending messages and snaps is a good thing, but sending them messages at every second is not okay. It borderlines on annoying and uncomfortable. Don’t attack them with continuous messages if they don’t reply. Instead, wait until they reply.

  • Have a Creative Feed

No, that does not mean what you eat. Your feed is what you make your stories in. Content is another word to describe it. The more engaging your content is, the likelier they will be to communicate with you. 

One of the best parts about having a crush is that you probably know most of their hobbies and interests. Use that information to your account and scroll through the “Discover” section for things that might interest your crush. If you want their awareness, you need to know exactly what to snap your crush.

  • Participate in Group Messages

If you are not comfortable with directly talking to your crush consider another approach. Participate in group chats. Don’t send that you like your crush to the multiple people in the group chat. 

Rather, say something like start up a conversation on what you did during the day. It might get a response from your crush. Plus, if they respond, you may act as if you were not surprised by it.

  • Test Out Low Time Limit

Another way to get your crush to talk to you through Snapchat is to use the low time limit. Send them something completely normal. Send it for about a second and no more. If your crush answers it is because they are curious. To this, you may say that you did not realize the time limit was set that low, and continue to ask things necessary to keep the conversation going.

How Do You Start a Snapchat with Your Crush?

  • Introduce Yourself

If your crush doesn’t know you that well, start by introducing yourself. Have a small conversation. Don’t let the conversation just be about you. Learn what your crush likes. You should also understand the meaning behind their posts. 

  • Use the Direct Approach

If all else fails on trying to think of a creative way to Snapchat your crush, just send them a chat. It is a good approach. It’s a message. We know that it is anxiety-inducing, but once you get it over with you have everything out. 

Don’t be afraid. Find something engaging to talk about. If they reply or not, it is a satisfying feeling that you reached out to your crush.

  • Ask Questions

Don’t ask inappropriate questions. Rather asks questions about their interests. 

  • Be Patient

Not everyone gets back to their texts on time. Be patient until your crush answers your Snapchat.

How Do You Hint to Someone You Like on Snapchat?

To win your crush’s attention over Snapchat, here’s how you hint that you like them. Because the crush cannot see your expressions or hear your tone of voice, it makes it a little complicated. 

  1. Have a Unique Way of Flirting

Be unique. Come up with a Snapchat that nobody has ever thought of before. Lines like ‘what are you wearing’ or asking about the homework from class will work. Text them about something you share in common.

  1. Use Their Name

If you want to get the attention of your crush, use their name as often you can in texts. This devises a personal touch and your guy connects to you better. Using your crush’s name adds an appealing touch to your text messages. 

  1. Use a Little Teasing

Be careful when it comes to teasing. Teasing will get their attention. You are not being downright naughty but just a dirty little tease. Following sending a teasing test change the topic.

  1. Ask Them Questions

It’s important to get to know each other. Ask them about their interests, what kind of food they like, along with questions about work or school. Be careful of the questions that you ask.

Examples on How To Tell Your Crush You Like Them Over Text

Step 1: Start a Conversation

Have a plan in mind after you say ‘hi’. An idea is to make it about the homework assignment from class. This begins a conversation while also letting you share some of your personality with your crush.

Step 2: Open Up about Open-Ended Questions

Open-ended questions are ones that demand more than a “yes” or “no” answer. They’re a great way for you to get to know your crush fully and keep a conversation going. Ask about their interests like favorite movies, books, games, TV shows, YouTube channels, places to visit, or anything else you can think of.

Step 3: Give Detailed Responses

It’s okay to share your opinions. Never respond with ‘k’ or ‘yeah’. That is an automatic mood killer. If you share something in common with your crush, talk about it. Feel free to differ with them, too—sometimes on different ideas. That can help keep the conversation going.

Step 4: Compliments Flatter

The solution to giving a good compliment is for you to be sincere and to keep it short. For example, text your crush that they did a great job on the test. Or you could also tell them how well they did on the presentation in the big work meeting.

Step 5: Include Emojis and GIFS

Find emojis and GIFs that link to what you’re talking about. If you’re texting your crush about being bored over the weekend, send a GIF of someone falling asleep at their desk. You could also include a message typed entirely in emojis so that your crush has to decipher what you’re saying.

Step 6: Share Your Feelings

Craft a short text that tells your crush that you like them. Don’t go into too much detail. Keep it short and simple. While sending a single text to confessing your feelings, is good, it comes off as crazy.

Until you get a response try not to send an overflow of messages. Depending on how everything goes in the long run whether they share the same feelings or not, be proud of yourself. Reaching out to a crush is not always easy. Learn about the process and try again in the future.