Is it ok when parents kiss kids on the lips?

Mrs. Victoria Beckham has the world up in arms because she kissed her daughter on the lips. Some people believe that parents shouldn’t kiss their children on the mouth because it can be “sexual” or “stimulating.”

People are overly critical and quick to judge, so it’s not surprising this is a topic that needs to be addressed. Parents give their children backrubs, baths and cuddles every day. How are those practices seen as socially acceptable and yet a kiss is not? Especially for children who were breastfed.

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Positive physical experiences with a parent allow for a child to be more comfortable with the giving and receiving of physical affection. In some cultures, people even kiss their friends on the lips. This form of intimacy is just ordinary, loving behaviour.

Once your children start to pull away or show that they’re not comfortable with kissing you anymore, because you’re obviously an embarrassment, don’t do it anymore. If your child tried to open-mouth kiss you, it’s your responsibility to stop them and teach them the right and wrong way of doing things.

Let’s be honest, it’s often the child who calls the shots. Who hasn’t seen or been a victim of kissing a child on the cheek only to have them grab your face and plant one on your lips? Exactly, we’ve all seen this at one point in time or another.

The worst habit to have is forcing your child to do something they don’t want to do, which involves kissing. When you hear others throwing negative comments around about any ordinary, perfectly loving behaviour between an adult and a child, it’s really not about the subjects themselves. It’s about the people throwing the comments.