Should Children Have a Say On Who Their Parents Date?

Should kids get a say on whom their parents date? Of course, answers to this question may vary according to specific situations but we asked some random women what they think about this question and it appears that they’re just as split as we are. Here are some of their surprising responses:

“Absolutely! This person could become their new stepmom or stepdad. Children should definitely be able to express their opinions and be heard on such a topic.”

“No way. The way I can’t control who my kids date, they shouldn’t be able to control who I date. I hated my son’s last girlfriend but I couldn’t do anything about it.”

“Kids should have some say. Obviously kids shouldn’t have veto power over who their parents date but if a kid really hates their parents current date then maybe there really is something wrong.”

“Children can pick up on things we don’t. If a child gets bad vibes from someone their parent is dating, that should be taken really seriously.”

“I don’t think kid should have a say. They’re too young to understand the nuances of adult dating. And the kids aren’t the ones dating the person in question- it’s the parents’ choice alone.”

“Parents should definitely ask their kids if they like the person they’re currently seeing. If the child likes the person then it could be time to forward with the relationship. If not, maybe the parent needs to reassess their choice in partners.”

“Kids know their parents really well and if they don’t think someone is a good match for their mom or dad, their opinion should definitely be taken into consideration.”

“No. A divorce or parental death can be really hard on a kid. So they may not want to see their mom or dad dating anyone. They may hate every single person their parent tries to date simply because that person isn’t their “real” mom or dad.”

“It should be a conversation. Parents should introduce their children to anyone who they are seriously dating and the children should have a chance to tell their parent what they think of that person openly and honestly. Staying with someone who the kids hate could cause a lot of trouble later in the relationship.”

“Kids don’t get to choose their parents and they shouldn’t be able to choose their stepparents either.”

“When you date someone who’s a parent, you’re essentially dating their family. So yeah, kids should get a say on who their parents date.”