Things You Miss About The Single Life When You’re Married

If there’s one thing single girls who desperately want to find the one can’t stand hearing, it’s married women telling them, “You’ll miss being single when you’re married.” Or worse, hearing the phrase, “Being married isn’t that great.”

It sounds so condescending. For some, hearing those phrases is enough to make their blood start to boil. Though it can sound smug and ignorant, most married women are being brutally honest when it comes to saying this. Don’t believe it? We asked married women what they missed about being single. Here’s a quick list of what they had to say. 

  1. Being single means a lot less housework. It seems like the modern wish for an equal partnership might be for naught. Statistically, married women bear the brunt of housework these days–even if their guys pitch in. Single women have fewer chores than their married counterparts do, even when kids are involved. 
  2. Single means you’re free to hook up with whoever you want. Most people in relationships have met at least one person who was DTF that they wanted to bang, but couldn’t do so because of the promises they made to their partners. If you’re single, you can have a fling without consequences.
  3. Living on your terms, and your terms alone, is only doable when you’re single. Being married often requires you to take another person’s wishes into consideration. Women are typically the ones who have to make bigger sacrifices for their spouse, including when it comes to life-changing decisions like kids and careers. Yikes, right?
  4. Not having to share a bed is another major perk. Ah, extra space to sprawl out in. No extra snoring, no blob next to you rolling around. Just pure, unadulterated quiet as you doze off to sleep. What could be better than that?
  5. Single means not having to deal with in-laws. Many married women have great relationships with their in-laws, but those who don’t usually have in-laws from hell. Singletons get to avoid awkward dinners, narcissistic mothers-in-law, and other nightmarish crap. 
  6. If you’re the sole provider, being single also happens to be more cost-effective. Why support someone else, when you can splurge on things that pamper YOU? Spa products are pricey, you know.
  7. It’s way easier to spend time with friends when you’re flying solo. You’d be surprised at how difficult it is for married women to find time for friends. It can be downright impossible to squeeze in a little gal pal time every month. You will miss your friends immensely when that ring gets put on your finger. 
  8. Being solo also means you won’t have to worry about your spouse disliking your friends. Most married women have at least one friend who doesn’t jive with their partner. This pal can become a point of contention in marriage. When you’re single, you can just tell your fling to fuck off and dial up your buddy as you see fit. It’s a nice thing.
  9. You get to enjoy more time to grow as a person. Did you ever notice how many people tend to stagnate once they put a ring on it? It’s not just your imagination. Being married puts on a ton of responsibilities that eat away into the time and freedom needed to fully cultivate who you are as an individual. 
  10. People also forget how much fun it can be to just have alone time. Sure, being married doesn’t write off your solo time, but it does cut into it. If you’re a fan of having time to yourself, you might end up missing this aspect of single living more than you’d believe. 
  11. Singledom also means you don’t have to rely on anyone else. Most people don’t realize how suffocating it can be to rely on another person until they find themselves in that position. When another person pays your bills, you can’t always do what you want to do. When they are in charge of your life, you don’t have freedom. Marriage can be like that sometimes—and that’d make anyone miss singledom. 
  12. You also will miss not having others pressure you about kids. Our society has a weird obsession when it comes to kids. The moment that people see you get married, the question of kids will come up. A lot. To the point that even people who are dead-set on kids want them to stop asking. It’s something you absolutely will miss. 
  13. Being single also means you will have more freedom to just enjoy the possibilities. When you’re married, a lot of things you could potentially be doing are no longer options. You can’t just up and move to a different state. You can’t just start a new class. When you’re single, it’s easy to forget how important it is to have those options on the table. Being married makes you realize it all the more. 

Lastly, everyone gets nostalgic once in a while. Being single is a major portion of many peoples’ lives. Even if you’re happily married, it’s only normal to feel a little sore from reminiscing. We tend to forget the downsides of singledom the longer we stay hitched, but that doesn’t mean we can’t fondly remember the good parts. After all, doesn’t everyone remember the “good ol’ days” with rose-tinted glasses?