5 Realistic Types of Penises You’ll Meet In Real Life

No two penises are exactly the same and if you are the type that love going down there with multiple partners, you are sure going to encounter several types of penises. The big question is, how many types of penises are really out there? 

No need to place emphasis on penises, but hell no, you can’t deny the fact that each type is pretty. From his shaft to the ball, and then, to that pointed thing. It’s all pretty and a necessity for great sex. 

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There is no doubt that most women crave for how big their ideal man would be. They can’t imagine their man unpacking that “big” thing underneath their pants. If you are one of those women as I know majority are, just be sure you don’t fret about it when it’s finally revealed. After all, what’s sex without that perfect weapon of a penis. However, if you stumble upon a tiny one, you will likely be disappointed. Yeah! Disappointed. 

While each type of penis is pretty, there are some that are more unique than the others. Some have tiny balls, others have a big shaft. Some can have a slender shaft, while others can have a big mouth. Some may have the perfect “cucumber” shape and lengthy, while others are awkward looking and small. 

The topic of whether a penis is normal or not has been worrying a lot of men and that pushes them to do a lot of things like overdosing on enhancement pills, especially if they feel they are small to satisfy a woman. 

The real truth is so many variety of penises abounds, so you are likely to fall into any category. However, being small or too lengthy doesn’t mean that you are abnormal. Take note! 

If you are single and promiscuous, you are likely to meet a man who possesses any of these types of penises in your “sex” adventure. 

The Big Head Penis 

This type of penis is common among men and is when the head of the penis is bigger and thicker than the shaft or the body. The shaft is thinner, usually with a narrow base while the head is pretty big. This kind of penis finds it hard to get its way into a vagina, particularly she is small. 

However, if yours has its shaft bigger than the head, that means you have a big shaft penis. 

The Straight Penis 

From the shaft or the base to the head, the shape is pretty much the same. There is no curve or diversion in-between. 

Whatever sex position you may want to experiment, you can try it out with this type of penis. You can find your way through in and out with no alterations to sex position. 

The Showers

This type of penis maintains the same size whether it’s aroused or not. You can probably see this type of penis in public if the man is wearing shorts or something that is not thick enough to hide the size. It’s not so common among men and it’s yet to be revealed why some men have this type of penis. 

However, if you fall into the category of the growers, you may be medically safe. Most men fall into this category. When they are sexually aroused or hard, they tend to increase in size till it gets to the maximum. 

The Curved Penis 

This is another common type of penis you can find. This type of penis have a small upward curve. The shaft is straight, but there is a little diversion till it gets to the tip when it’s erect. 

This type of penis has what it takes to make a woman reach full orgasm and hit her G-spot. However, if your penis has an extreme bend or huge curve from its shaft, it could be that your penis is abnormal and that means you could have Peyroinie’s disease. For those of you who don’t know what this is, Peyroinie’s disease is a penile problem caused by a plague that makes the penis curve to the side or bend upward. That doesn’t mean it can’t give you a full orgasm in some of the best sex positions, but meeting a doctor is recommendable. 

Small Penises

There is no need to explain what this means. This type of penis is just over three inches long, which is less than the average of five inches when it’s hard. This category of penis is detested by almost all women in the world. Unfortunately, there are not so common. 

Whereas there are penises that are as long as seven inches or more when it’s hard, which is even more than the average. This type of penis are big and may be impossible to fit inside you and even if they do, you are likely to scream and cry out blood. To feel safe and enjoy sex with this big penis, engage in foreplay for a long time and stay lubricated so that the “p” can actually ease into the “v”. 

Practically, these are the types of penises you will meet in real life. However, they all appear differently. For example, some can appear hairy, while others want their down there to appear completely shaved. For those who didn’t expect to get laid, they mostly leave the area around their penis unshaved. The real players will always leave theirs shaved anyways! Notwithstanding, keeping hairs around that region is helpful in fighting off germs and bacteria. 

Also, some may be darker than sooth, while others may appear freckled. As for the dark skin, it is due to excess melanin, so it shouldn’t be a yardstick for the woman not to enjoy sex. You know what they say about black penises? They are powerful! 

Many women have the notion that size and length determines great sex. While this fact may hold to a certain length, understanding your partner’s anatomy is what determines great sex. It’s all about understanding sex styles and choosing the one that will get the best of your penis.