Best Walking Shoes for Work: Review and Complete Buying Guide

If your daily routine involves a lot of standing and walking, finding the right pair of shoes is of much importance. Unfortunately, when looking for the best shoes, especially for walking at work, most people prioritize aesthetics and the price of the shoes. Very few consider integral features such as comfort, foot type, and durability. As a result, they end up tiring their feet at the end of the day.

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Walking back and forth on concrete or hard surface certainly takes a toll on your body. Without the right pair of shoes, your feet suffer from a lack of adequate support. Investing in good cushioned and supportive shoes will make your walking work schedules easier and comfortable. They reduce inflicted pain in the heels, ankles, arches, and the balls of the feet.

With such urgency, outlined below are some best walking shoes for work alongside detailed buying advice to ease your purchase process.

Top 8 Walking Shoes for Work

1.    Asics Men’s Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe

The Asics Men’s Gel-Tech Walker Neo 4 Walking Shoe is a fantastic shoe of choice with all the features you could be looking for in a long-standing shoe. They feature a Biomorphic upper make composed primarily of breathable mesh and a synthetic overlay that not only ensures maximum comfort all day long but also gives way for enough air to keep your feet fresh and great.

The stretch material make does not buckle or cause irritation at all. They are lace-up styled shoes with Duo max support systems. The heel has a fitting memory foam that conforms to the feet and offers the best heel support, ensuring that your feet remain secure and supported all along.

The insole of the shoes is removable, which is a great option if you have foot conditions. You can even insert a custom orthopedic insole if need be. Other incredible features of these shoes include the featured rubber inner material, ortholite sock liner that provides additional comfort, and gel cushioning at the balls of the feet to increase comfort, among others.


  • Biomorphic upper fit
  • Duo max support system
  • Gel cushioning
  • Fabric and synthetic material make


  • Quite squeaky

2.    Sketchers USA Men’s Slip-On Loafers

For quite some time, Sketchers has remained an established manufacturer of walking, work, and casual shoes. The Sketchers USA Men’s Slip-On Loafers are one of the many quality shoes that provide unmatched comfort and support with a touch of style.

The shoes feature gel-infused memory foam insole that offers the much-needed cushioning. This enables users to withstand long periods of standing or walking, even on concrete floors. Being slip-on style shoes, they are easy to put on and remove. They also come with a pull-on tab to ease this.

The Sketchers USA Men’s Slip-On Loafers also feature an elastic goring that keeps the shoes firmly on the feet, allowing users to walk comfortably. Despite the snug fit, they are roomy and perfect for those with wide feet. You will also like that, these shoes are lightweight, breathable, and durable, providing an assurance of cool and dry experience.


  • Lightweight, durable construction
  • Roomy but snug fit
  • Elastic goring gel-infused memory foam
  • Leather material


  • Some users prefer laced shoes

3.    Alegria Women’s Emma Walking Shoes

There is an unscripted tale that clog shoes are best when looking for comfortable shoes for walking or standing for long periods. If you believe this is true, go for the Alegria Women’s Emma Walking Shoes to prove this saying right or wrong. That aside, these pair of shoes are stylish and adds a touch of elegance with the multiple color choices and upper leather design.

The shoe features a 1.75″ heel, which is not only stain resistant but also has a non-slip outsole. This makes them perfect when working in watery or slippery conditions. The clog-style makes them easy to put on and take off, especially with the inclusion of the dual goring that keeps the shoe in position when walking.

The Alegria Women’s Emma Walking Shoes features a leather lining that adds to its durability and breathable as well. The shoe’s polyurethane sole reduces the pressure normally felt when walking on concrete floors. The sole is shock absorbing and protects the heels and toes of the feet. The collar has some padding to provide extra comfort as well.


  • Clog-style shoe
  • Dual goring
  • Padded collar for comfort
  • Removable memory foam insole


  • Relatively thin insoles

4.    Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford Walking Shoes

The Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford Walking Shoes are another stylish men’s shoe for those who spend long periods of their work schedules walking or standing. They are classic lace-up shoes with full-grain leather that adds to the intriguing appearance of the shoe. The shoe’s design is centered on maximizing comfort, thanks to the included ortholite form footbed that is breathable, enhances comfort, and reduced odor.

The shoe’s footbed is removable, enabling users to insert their custom orthopedic insole. It comes with EVA form heel cap that provides additional padding at the heel and excellent shock absorbing qualities. The textile lining also ensures that your feet stay dry all the time.

You will also like the included nylon stability shank that supports the arch of your foot, keeps it stable and comfortable all day long. You can rock the Dunham Men’s Bryce Oxford Walking Shoes as formal or casual shoes without sacrificing on the needed quality to keep your feet dry, cool, and comfortable at work.


  • Classic lace-up style
  • EVA foam heel cap
  • Textile lining
  • Complete leather upper


  • Short straps

5.    Dansko Women’s Elise Oxford Sneaker

Another versatile, great looking, comfortable, and durable walking shoe is the Dansko Women’s Elise Oxford Sneaker. These lace-up styled shoes provide a guarantee of keeping your feet cool, dry, and comfortable all day long regardless of your working environment. The shoes are designed to fit snugly in your feet, without limiting the range of movement.

The shoe comes with a neoprene collar, which is supportive and flexible. They are also lightweight with sock-like feeling, thanks to the elastic sockliner fixed at the point of entry. This makes wearing and taking off the shoe a breeze. The shoe also features a leather upper with reinforced overlays that enhance the overall appearance and durability of the shoe.

The Dansko Women’s Elise Oxford Sneakers also comes with a slip-resistant outsole that provides maximum stability regardless of the hazards, such as water or liquids in your workplace. Overall, they are comfortable, flexible, durable, and offer both flexibility and stability to support those who walk or stand for lengthy periods.


  • Neoprene collar
  • Elastic sock liner
  • Slip-resistant outsole
  • Lightweight design


  • Sizing issues, with some reporting they are small

6.    Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Walking Shoes

The Merrell Men’s Encore Gust Slip-On Walking Shoes are among the few quality walking shoes offering full-grain leather uppers. The shoe is durable and stylish with a breathable mesh lining that keeps the wearer’s feet dry and comfortable all day long. The included mesh lining is treatable with an M Select Fresh that preserves the mesh and reduces odors.

The shoe has the EVA footbed that is removable, enabling users to replace with orthopedic models for those with foot issues. They are comfortable shoes with high-intensity padding and air cushioning that enable walking or standing on concrete floors all day long.

The outsole has an M select grip that is ultra-durable and offers superb traction on all surfaces. They are also slip-resistant, providing maximum stability at all times. The shoe’s flexible construction also allows the shoes to absorb shock impacts, making them comfortable to wear while walking or standing daily.


  • Clog style shoe
  • Additional air cushioning
  • Removable EVA footbed
  • M fresh odor control


  • Runs quite narrow

7.    Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat Walking Shoes

The Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat Walking Shoes are the best shoes for comfort for women who want to endure long-day standing or walking. Probably the shoe’s feature highlight is the antimicrobial and moisture-wicking insole that not only prevents the shoes from developing odor but also keeps your feet dry.

The shoes come with a perfect fit and comfort, with slow-recovery memory foam padded upper for additional comfort. You will also like the high level of flexibility, which enables the shoe to conform to the natural movement of your feet.

The Grasshoppers Women’s Windham Slip-On Flat Walking Shoes feature a comfort-cushion arch that provides optimal arch support, incredible stability, and shock absorption properties. The shoes are also lightweight and won’t weigh you down or require additional strain on your legs.

The shoes are not only comfortable but also stylish and overly sophisticated while remaining casual. The offer enough preppy style that suits any looks, be it working or playing. They are often associated with celebrating women’s confidence, unique lifestyle, and individuality.


  • Versatile shoe type
  • High-quality construction
  • Durable


  • Poorly sewn straps

8.    Sketchers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-Up Sneaker

The Sketchers Men’s Afterburn Memory-Foam Lace-Up Sneaker is a good option for those looking for both comfort and support in their walking shoes for work. The shoes offer a cushioned platform, thanks to the included memory foam that enables users to walk and run without feeling much stress.

The sneakers keep every man’s feet feel good when walking, ensuring that the foot and leg muscles experience little fatigue. They are made from a mixture of leather and synthetic materials, which assures the shoe’s supportive design that keeps the arch in shape and the foot relaxed. Apart from support, they enable users to attain improved posture.

The lace-up vamp at the upper enables the shoes to provide a snug fit and customized fitting. The upper part of the shoe is made from mesh fabric with a synthetic leather overlay that keeps the foot supported and allows for sufficient ventilation to keep the foot cool and dry.


  • High-quality material make
  • Attractive design
  • Snug fit
  • Good traction and grip on multiple surfaces


  • Not as lightweight as other options

Walking Shoes for Work Buying Guide

If you need to walk at work for long periods, you should find a shoe type that can help your feet cope with such situations. Failure to pick such shoes will lead to the development of sores and tiring and other severe foot issues. A good walking shoe for work should have some features that will enable you to spend the day walking without issues. Some important aspects include;


Comfort is probably one of the most significant aspects to consider before purchasing any shoe, not only walking shoes for work. Acquiring shoes with supportive and cushioned inner sole, especially those that can be removed or replaced when they wear out or can be customized with specifically designed orthopedic inserts to solve any foot issues, is prudent.

The upper part of the shoes should be breathable to provide sufficient airflow to the show and maintain a cool and dry inner atmosphere. The outsole, on the other hand, should have excellent shock absorbing features, including midsole padding to offer protection on the toe and heels of the shoe.


The best walking shoes for work should provide sufficient support to the foot and ankle when walking. The upper part of the shoe, for instance, should feature a supportive cushioning. Good support from walking shoes is incredibly important, especially if you have special feet conditions, such as bunions, arch problems, underpronation, and other conditions that make walking difficult and painful.

Breathability and Stability

An excellent airflow is crucial to keeping your feet comfortable when at work. Without good breathability, you will experience hot and sweaty episodes, making your feet prone to bruising and blisters. For walking shoes, comfort and breathability are tandem. If the shoes are not breathable, they predispose your feet to develop sores, chafing, and other conditions. Shoes made from mesh are known to provide excellent ventilation.

On the other hand, your footwear of choice should keep your feet stable all day. Your work environment could have surfaces with varying degrees of slippery. You might also experience frequent liquid spills. As such, you should consider slip-resistant or slip-resistant shoes, which are appropriate for all working environments.


There are a plethora of shoe styles for walking at work available on the market. The style that you choose can make a significant difference. For instance, boots provide great support and stability, but quite hot to wear and can tire your feet, especially when working on hard surfaces. Slip-on and clogs are practical and easy to wear, as they are designed with comfort in mind.

Lace-up styled shoes also provide much-needed support, traction, and durable. These features are also present in other styles of shoes. As such, your choice should be based on work conditions and individual preferences. Regardless of your choice, ensure that you find work shoes that will keep your feet comfortable during a long-day walking.


You should also consider what you will be doing in these shoes. If your line of work keeps you on feet most hours of the day, you come across wet surfaces and more, go for a low key and OSHA certified shoe options. Similarly, if you will be spending most of your time outdoors on trails, consider weatherproof shoe options with aggressive outsoles. Just to mention, you should make your selection based on the needs then style.

Shoe Size

If you are fond of wearing shoes, you definitely understand that your feet swell towards the end of the day or after an engaging day. You should consider this when deciding on the shoe to buy. Bear in mind that you want shoes that will fit best even after long walks and strenuous activities. Strolling in the store or at work may not give you a good idea of the best shoe size to purchase. As such, it is prudent to size your feet at the end of an engaging day to find a comfortable and enjoyable shoe for walking at work.

Shoe Outsole

The outsole is the outer, visible part of the shoe. It is where the tread of the shoe is visible and where the majority of your shoe’s sole is found. Good quality shoe soles have a tread that provides additional grip and traction needed to maintain stability and balance even when walking on uneven grounds or slippery conditions. The outsole is also the part that does a lot of shock absorption.

As such, thick soles protect your feet from impacts and provide additional cushioning and support to reduce foot pain and fatigue after a long day.


Another lesser-known feature that deserves a close inspection when looking for the best walking shoes for work is the heel design. This part of the shoe takes a lot of impact from every step you make. You will find that majority of running and hiking shoes are made from thicker heel soles to provide additional cushioning and support to the foot. Walking shoes with thick materials help disperse shock impacts, support, and cushion the impacts of every step taken when walking.

Walking Shoes for Work FAQs

Which are the best shoes for walking on concrete?

The best walking shoes for concrete should offer the best comfort. They should contain well-cushioned insoles with well-constructed uppers to support not only to the feet but also to the ankles. The outsoles should also be shock-absorbing, flexible, and soft to limit the foot’s range of movement.

Boots or shoes? Which are better for walking on concrete?

When walking on hard floors, you should put on shoes with excellent support. Both shoes and boots are designed to provide support to those spending long hours on their feet. However, both have different features, pros, and cons that make them suit different conditions.

Boots provide great protection to the foot, ankles, and parts of the leg, while shoes do not. Shoes, on the other hand, provide a better range of motion in the feet and more flexible than boots. That said, choosing one requires that you consider your style and working conditions.

The Bottom Line

All the above-mentioned walking shoes for work have incredible features that suit different working conditions. As such, you should check on the individual features of the shoe to find one that suits your situation. Take your time to consider key features such as comfort, stability, breathability, size, nature of the working terrain, outsole construction, and more.

As for us, the Asics Walking Shoe for Men and the Alegria Female Walking Shoe are the best models. These shoes satisfy nearly all the criteria that men and women prioritize when looking for the best walking shoes for work. However, this doesn’t have to be your best shoe of choice. Check with other options to find one that suits your intended use.

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