Yes or No: Should Men Wear Mangagement Rings?

Mangagement rings. Are they a do or don’t? It depends on who you talk to about it. There are people who believe that should be a more common practice while others feel it’s another sneaky way for jewelry businesses to suck money out of you. While it’s not a general or standard way to do things, it doesn’t mean it’s wrong either.

Many who are supporters of mangagement rings believe it’s a great way to promote gender equality. They believe that a woman should not have to wait for their partner to propose. Also in this day and age, more and more relationships have both parties with well-paying careers and shared responsibilities. So many will argue why not have both people in the relationship wear a ring that symbolizes the promise of marriage.

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Let’s be honest, sometimes men are nervous about proposing. So why not alleviate the stress and nerves by proposing to him first? Women now have a chance to purchase a band of their choice and ask their significant other to marry them. Taking the initiative to propose to your man reduces the waiting time for him to decide when the perfect moment is. It’s definitely not the standard or traditional way of doing it, but the trend is becoming more and more popular.

There are those who will also argue that it’s a bit one-sided to only have a woman wear an engagement ring to show that she’s off the market. Wouldn’t it be fairer and less complicated if men also wore a ring to show that he’s taken as well? Instead of awkward situations, a woman or man will know to back off if they see any type of engagement ring. Well you hope that they would at least. Again this is an emphasis on gender equality between two partners.

Some of the naysayers however believe the mangagement ring is just another way for the wedding industry to get money from you. While the concept has become very popular among gay couples, the trend has not boomed as well when it comes to heterosexual couples. Many believe it’s just a sales tactic since men are not as inclined to flaunt their rings to their friends while hanging out like their partners might.

Don’t base your decision on purchasing a mangagment ring on others. Instead focus on how you and your partner feel about the concept. You will need to ask yourselves questions to determine whether or not it’s the right fit for you. If it’s truly important to you to show your bond by wearing the rings, then he should take that into consideration. However if he dislikes wearing jewelry in the first place, you need to consider that factor. All these small factors can help you determine whether or not a mangagement ring is the right choice for you. You have to also remember, regardless of what everyone thinks, in the end, your decision to purchase a mangagement ring should be based on your own relationship dynamic.