How To Get Your Man To The Doctor

Men are stubborn and when their ego’s step in as they age they seem to lose their minds. Studies have shown that the more masculine a man is the less he will co-operate when professional aid is needed. This is largely due to the impression that society has made upon us in general. As many other mistakes made by society, the fact that men have to be brave and may not show or even feel pain as it is a sign of weakness might be the cause of many deaths.

Thus the real reason your man refuses to see a doctor is in order to prove that he is a MAN!

So what do you do to get him to seek professional medical advice when he really needs it? Let’s have a closer look at how a woman can persuade her man to go to the doctor.

  • Play on his feelings for you – Express to your man that he is the most important part of your life and you will be lost without him around to protect and care for you. Also inform him that it would make you feel better in knowing that he is fine, otherwise you would be worried all the time and thus making yourself ill in the end.


  • Take charge as you most likely always do – It is a well-known fact that women are usually in control of the household, this will include him! As with your kids, you make the appointment then inform him of the time and date. Let him know that it is for your peace of mind thus he will be more than willing to satisfy you. It is also highly recommended that you accompany him for support as well as do most of the talking if he feels more comfortable that way.


  • Discuss with him his own feelings – If he has concerns that he might receive bad news he will try and get out of it any way possible. Try getting him to open up and explain to you why he fears going. You can then help him make peace in knowing that you will be there no matter what for support, he will not be facing it alone.

It is wise to NOT nag your partner to go but share your feelings of concern. Most men act like cavemen and feel that they are invincible, praise your man for his strength and admit to him that you admire him for it although he will show you a much greater strength in seeking medical assistance. Men are like children in more ways than most women will ever understand. So in praising them for their choices in addition to making it appear as though they have in fact made the decision on their own will help in getting him to go.

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If you have tried every trick in the book and you still get resistance let it go but keep a close eye on the symptoms and if you feel it might be life threatening seek help on your own. Consult with your doctor about the symptoms and find out how he feels before making any drastic decisions.

Change your partner’s diet if you feel it would benefit his condition and when he enquires about it you simply inform him that without medical advice he will have to accept your opinion about what is right. Do not fight over the changes; handle him with care as you would do with a child that is sick. If he gets upset about the changes simply try and make him see that you are the house doctor and if he is not please he can seek professional help.